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Even when we’re apart, we stand united.

By helping one person, we can create ripples of positive impact throughout our communities. In a year like no other, this has never been more true, or more important.

COVID-19 reinforced the fundamental need for the work of United Way of Calgary and Area. We helped our partners pivot in the face of the pandemic, set the stage for fundraising initiatives, strengthened existing partnerships, and built new ones. We learned a lot, and our work in 2020 will inform our priorities for years to come. Together, we are building a future where no one is left behind. Now more than ever, we need to stand united.

The biggest story of 2020 wasn't COVID-19. It was how we all came together as a community in response to the pandemic and the challenges it brought to Calgarians.

This is what response looks like.

  • 20,752


  • 18,426


  • 290,977

    volunteer hours

  • 42

    collaborative initiatives

  • 348

    programs and services at 261 agencies*

Helped 430,377 individuals build 
better lives**

This work is supported by our generous donors who rely on us to invest their resources wisely, efficiently, and effectively.

  • $7,676,690

    invested in overcoming poverty

  • $9,945,523

    invested in successful kids

  • $17,160,541

    invested in building stronger communities

  • $9,912,313

    invested in COVID-19 response*

  • $6,141,023+

    total funds designated as donor choice**


total invested into Calgary and surrounding communities

* This number only includes United Way’s investment in 2020. It does not include contributions made by Stewardship Alliance partners.

** United Way does not evaluate programs or initiatives funded exclusively through donor choice.

Vital services need vital investments

COVID-19 may have been our biggest challenge in 2020, but it didn’t stop us from investing in the vital services that keep our community running like a community.

  • 11,778

    people provided with food and shelter

  • 19,214

    people accessed mental health support

  • 48,178

    people found a sense of belonging

  • 4,385

    Indigenous people supported in their healing journey

  • 1,241

    students received financial support to continue their studies

A photo of United Way Calgary and Area, Karen Young

A message from our President & CEO

Answering the Call

When basic needs become immediate needs.

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